"KeywordFoto" shall mean the software Service (defined below).

"Service" means the website (and all accompanying software) located at This service allows you to upload and post photographs to an online storage that allows the sharing of your User Content with other users within a closed network of users.

"User Content" shall mean any photographic content uploaded to the Service by any user of the Service as well as any written, code, HTML, or other "content" as it is generally known uploaded or entered into the Service by any you or user of the Service.

"Us", "We", "Alloy Code" or "Company" shall mean Alloy Code Inc and its agents, assigns, employees, affiliates, officers, and owners.

Privacy Policy.

  1. Except as stated herein, we will not use your personally identifying information in any ways other than the provision, marketing, or promotion of the Service.
  2. We will not sell or share your personally identifying information to third parties except in the following circumstances:
    1. To comply with a valid governmental, law enforcement, or court request;
    2. As part of a sale of all or substantially all of the Company or the Service;
    3. To comply with mandatory reporting laws; or
    4. In the event control of the Service is transferred to a third party, either voluntarily or by operation of law.
  3. We may, in our sole discretion, sell, share, or transfer your nonidentifying information.