An All-in-One Space for Photo Collaboration

Tired of sorting through email, flash drives, and multiple cloud sharing services, KeywordFoto began as a way to simplify photo collaboration using real-world news team feedback. We wanted team members to be able to access what they needed for each assignment.

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KeywordFoto is a central repository for all your photos, whether taken by staff photographers or contributors. Store them in one secure location that is held separately from other accounts. And because KeywordFoto runs on Amazon S3, you can access your photos from any location, anytime, with full redundancy and scalability to grow along with your photo archives.


When you or your photographers upload to KeywordFoto, images automatically are tagged by date. You enter the event, tags, captions, and keywords. The result is a fully searchable archive that you can use for retrospectives as well as current events.

Built for Teams.

Set up your account, and invite your photographers. With unlimited users, you can work with as many freelancers and staff photographers, writers, and editors as you need by entering the email addresses of your collaborators. Our simple drag-and-drop interface makes uploading photos as easy as sending an email.

Why KeywordFoto

We began as a solution to a problem we had: having all our photos in one place. As we prepared for publication, both online and print, we realized we were spending valuable time hunting down images. Now, what if we could put it into a secure, searchable online repository? KeywordFoto was born.

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